Fee Schedule

Jennifer and Deb’s services are billed at $90.00 an hour. Initial consultations are free.

Estimating costs: Autism Consulting

Consulting time required for each child and family will vary based on a number of factors. However, the following estimates may provide a rough guideline of time needed for several common services:

  • Initial Family intake meeting: Typically 1 to 2 hours – FREE
  • Development of a customized treatment plan: Typically 3 to 4 hours
  • Office consultations: Typically 1 to 1-½ hours
  • Administration and interpretation of the SRS: Typically 1 to 1-½ hours
  • School observations: Vary from 1 hour to full school day, depending on the family’s need
  • IEP planning: Typically 1 to 3 hours with requested records
  • IEP attendance: Typically 1 to 2 hours

(Please note that the times given above are guidelines. The time required for your family and situation may vary.)

Estimating costs: Relationship Development Intervention®

The RDI® program is typically much less expensive than other common autism therapies.

Estimated costs for RDI® consulting:

  • Year one: $4000 – $5000
  • Years two and three: $3800 – $4400
  • Years four and beyond: $2700 – $3800, with consultant support being gradually faded out.

An detailed estimate of RDI® program costs is also available.

Sample contracts

Autism Therapy, RDI Relationship Development Intervention, and Consulting