Services for Families

Image of a young girl hiding her face behind her handsDeb and Jennifer offer family consultations, educational advocacy, and RDI® consulting to help children and families affected by autism and similar neuro-developmental learning differences:

As the family begins an autism remediation program, Deb and Jennifer will help them:

  • Identify needs
  • Establish goals
  • Design a family-centered intervention plan for the parents to implement at home, with consultant support
  • Provide assistance in preparing for IEP meetings; attending at parent request.

“Obstacles and problems are a part of life. True happiness comes not when we get rid of all of our problems, but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening, opportunities to practice patience, and to learn.” — Richard Carlson

Autism Consulting

Family consultations offer a good starting point for families in need of individualized support who are not using the RDI® program.

Educational advocacy provides parents and caregivers with assistance in obtaining a comprehensive educational program (including the IEP process) for their child with autism or similar neuro-developmental disabilities.

Social Responsiveness Scale assessments evaluate the child’s current social development, and are useful for developing treatment programs and measuring progress from interventions and remediations.

Presentations for families are workshops and seminars covering topics related to parenting, education, and autism remediation and interventions.

Relationship Development Intervention®

Relationship Development Intervention® (or RDI®) is a remediation model that works to correct the underlying deficits caused by autism and similar neuro-developmental conditions. It is effective and appropriate for all ages, stages, and levels of functioning.

RDI® is built on the goals we all have for our children, regardless of their developmental challenges: the ability to build meaningful relationships, pursue rewarding employment, live independently, and lead a joyful life. Long-term quality of life is the primary objective of an RDI® program.

RDI® provides a developmental model in the form of parent and child objectives that help build dynamic thinking, experience sharing, episodic memory, problem solving skills, and self-awareness.

An RDI® program is supported by a consultant certified by the Connections Center, in Houston, Texas. Deb Berrang has been a certified RDI® consultant since July, 2008. Jennifer Lemke-Pawlak anticipates completing her certification process by summer 2017.

“The first two years of the parent-child relationship are a critical period for thousands of productive encounters between the child and caregivers, in which children are guided to participate in solving increasingly more complex problems.” —Alan Sroufe

Autism Therapy, RDI Relationship Development Intervention, and Consulting