Dynamic Connections

“An open and honest curiosity about how to best help a child with ASD will light a path to understanding and success with any child.”
— from the vision statement of Autism Asperger’s Digest

Dynamic Connections offers family-centered, developmentally-based interventions customized to meet the needs of families and children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and similar neuro-developmental learning differences.

Services for families

Jennifer Lemke-Pawlak is a Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®) Program Certified Consultant. Through the RDI® process, she works with parents to develop an understanding of the guided participation relationship, increase parent success while acting as a guide to their child, and strengthen connections between parents and their children. As part of the process, Jennifer performs Relationship Development Assessments, develops individualized intervention plans, and provides ongoing family consultation. Learn more about Relationship Development Intervention®

Deb Berrang has worked in the field of neurodevelopmental differences for most of the last 30 years. She supports families through a consultation model, helping to develop intervention plans to address areas of concern, including – but not limited to – relationship building, learning, school, and engagement.

For families not interested in RDI®,  Jennifer offers individualized family consultations, home and school observations, development of individualized intervention plans, development of visual and behavioral supports, and administration of the Social Responsiveness Scale. Learn more about Dynamic Connection’s autism consulting services.

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